Guitars and Amplifiers


Flowers houses a private collection of over 40 vintage guitars and basses. Certain guitars are available for client use:
Fender USA Telecaster (2006, sonic blue)
Fender USA Stratocaster (2008, sonic blue)
Fender Jaguar (1965, Candy Apple Red)
Fender Coronado XII (1967, sunburst)
Fender Precision Bass (1973, sunburst)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (1992, sunburst)
Gibson J160e acoustic (1993)
Gibson B25-12N acoustic (1964)
Gretsch 6119 (1961)
Martin 000-1 acoustic (1995)
Rickenbacker 360WB (1985, Jetglo)

Other guitars may be available upon special arrangement only; please contact us in advance with any questions or specific requests.

Amplifiers / speakers:
Flowers has one of the most extensive and comprehensive collections of classic tube amps anywhere. See below for complete list. 

Marshall JTM45/100 40th Anniversary stack (2005)
Marshall 1987T plexi tremolo 50w head (1968)
Marshall Mk. II model 1987 50w head (1974)
Marshall JCM 800 model 2210 100w reverb head (1987)
Marshall JCM 800 model 4010 50w 1×12 combo (1986)
Marshall JTM45 model 1962 Bluesbreaker reissue (1988)
Marshall 1960A 4×12 cabinet with Vintage 30’s (1989)
Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100w head (1976)
Hiwatt 4×12 cabinet with Fanes (1978)
Orange Overdrive 80 head (1994)
Orange 4×12 cabinet (1994)
Vox AC30 / 6 TB (1992 UK made)
Vox AC50 mk. ii head (1965)
Vox V125 2×12 extension cabinet (1979)
Vox Buckingham V1121 head (1967)
Vox 2×12 extension cabinet (1967)
Vox Winston PA cabinet (2×15 with horn) (x2)
Selmer Zodiac Twin 30 mk. II (1966)
Selmer Treble and Bass mk. II (1966)
Selmer 2×10 extension cabinet with Fanes (1966)
Watkins WEM Control HR 30 head (1966)
Fender Twin Reverb 1965 reissue (1992)
Fender Super Reverb (1966 / blackface)
Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb reissue (1995)
Fender Bassman head (1965 / blackface)
Fender Bassman / Bandmaster 2×12 cabinet (1967)
Fender Bassman 100T with NEO 610 cabinet (2017)
Fender Princeton Reverb reissue
Fender Champ (1963 tweed / tolex transition model)
Fender Vibratone Leslie rotating cabinet (1970)
Fender custom shop Blues Junior tweed relic amp
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2×12
Leslie 222 with Trek II Leslie preamp
Ampeg B-15 N (1970)
Ampeg SVT “Blue Line” head with 8×10 straight back cabinet (both 1970)
Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster Mk. II with 6×10 cabinet (1971)
HH Electronics VS Musician 50
kjaudio Flowers Custom 50
Supro Super amp (1964)
Supro 1650 RTA 2×10 combo (1963)
Gallien Kruger 400RB bass amp
Please note: some of our amplifier collection rotates between our studio and storage/rehearsal locations. Please contact us in advance if you have a specific request for your session.

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