Flowers Studio employment inquiries 
While we are happy to look at resumes from qualified people, Flowers Studio does not employ engineers, producers, administrative or other staff. The engineers, producers and techs who do sessions here are independent contractors, and they are retained by our clients, not the studio. Flowers is an independent, music-oriented studio with a varied clientele, so we have different staff requirements than a jingle or post-production house.

If you are an engineer and you would like to work here, a good initial way to do so is to bring a client of your own to the studio. We offer highly competetive rates to qualified visiting engineers who want to bring their projects to the room. If you have a good experience and we like your vibe, you might wind up on our go-to list of engineers.

If you want to send us a resume, please do so by email ONLY. Please DO NOT email mp3’s of your work, send links instead. If we like the look of your resume we’ll contact you. Do not call us or leave voicemail messages asking about employment.

Thanks for your interest in Flowers Studio!

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