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Flowers Studio is a full-service professional recording studio located in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Owner/producer/musician Ed Ackerson built Flowers with the goal of creating a modern version of the classic big room studios of the 60′s, 70′s and 80’s. Flowers has a massive collection of both vintage and modern recording gear, instruments,microphones, and everything else needed to make awesome music happen.

Flowers Studio opened in 1998 as a no-compromise, artists-first recording facility. Designed with the idea that comfort and environment are as essential as excellent equipment to the ultimate success of a project, Flowers provides extraordinary ambiance combined with exceptional technical amenities including an SSL console, Studer 24 track analog and Pro Tools 12 HDX audio recording and mixing.

Located in an extensively redesigned florist’s warehouse, Flowers makes great use of the building’s architectural assets. The large control room, 3 iso booths, and 28′x33′x20′ main tracking room accommodate ensembles of varying sizes in bright, naturally-lit spaces. Clients can often be found between takes relaxing in the 20′x70′ greenhouse patio located directly outside the control room.

High ceilings (20′), professionally designed acoustical spaces, and true isolation between areas allow full bands to track together live. Excellent sight lines between areas make for great interplay between musicians. This is a real recording studio space built ground up for tracking live music, at real stage volume, without compromise.

In addition to its SSL AWS console, Studer 24 track machine and ProTools 12 HDX system, Flowers has a vast collection of recording gear and musical equipment available for its clients. The collection of 70+ mics with preamps from Neve, API, Altec, EMI, Telefunken and Calrec gives an enormous range of sound possibilities. Using the latest Pro Tools 12 HDX features along with timeless old school analogue techniques, Flowers has the finest gear, expertise and imagination to get awesome results. Music recorded at Flowers is heard on radio, tv, and films all around the world, all the time. Our ever-growing list of credits and track record of successful projects are testimonials to the unique combination of technology and artistry provided here.

Ed, his staff and community of freelance engineers work very hard to make visiting artists and producers feel welcome and free to create. The Flowers philosophy of getting sounds right the first time, combined with the studio’s well-maintained gear and instruments, makes sessions run efficiently and on budget. The engineers at Flowers pride themselves on high efficiency and value, and they have the experience and “ears” to help you create the sound you’re after.

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