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Welcome to Flowers Studio, a recording studio in Minneapolis, MN! Please click on the links in the menu bar above for full information on our facility and the services we provide.

RECORDING: Flowers Studio has amazing acoustic spaces and a drool-worthy collection of gear ready to record anything from a solo artist to a full-on live band. Track to analog, digital, or both!

MIXING: Flowers is one of the best mix rooms in the Upper Midwest. Our SSL AWS console, Pro Tools HDX system, analog tape machines, and outboard gear help make awesome mixes…analog, in the box, or hybrid.

MASTERING: Flowers can help to bring the finishing touches to your project, whether recorded here or elsewhere. MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) certified, we can create great masters for any online or physical format.

TRACK HERE, OVERDUB AT HOME: We’ve done many projects where the “loud” stuff like drums was tracked here, then taken home for overdubs, and often brought back here for mix. We can help any phase of a project, give us a shout

MUSICIAN, COMPOSITION, AND ARRANGEMENT SERVICES: We have very extensive experience providing support for all aspects of the recording process, including composition/songwriting, musical arrangements, session musicians, etc. Whatever you need, we can help!

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