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Selected client list
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Artists and Clients:
Motion City Soundtrack (Epitaph Records / Columbia Records)
The Jayhawks (Columbia Records, American Recordings, Lost Highway)
Golden Smog (Lost Highway / Universal Records)
The Replacements (Rhino Records)
Gary Louris (Rykodisc)
Brian Setzer (Surfdog Records)
Jeremy Messersmith (Glassnote Records)
Hippo Campus (Grand Jury Records)
Lizzo (BGSW Records)
Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding (Yep Roc Records)
The Stray Cats (Surfdog Records)
Polara (Interscope Records, Palm Pictures, Clean / Twin Tone, Generator, Restless, Susstones)
Houndmouth (Rough Trade Records)
Farewell Continental (Paper + Plastick)
Soul Asylum (Columbia Records)
Joseph Arthur (Lonely Astronaut Records)
Craig Finn
Free Energy (DFA Records)
Eric Hutchinson
BNLX (Susstones)
A Great Big Pile of Leaves (Top Shelf Records)
Mark Mallman (Susstones, Badman)
Chris Hawkey
Stereo Confession (Susstones)
The Happy Children (Normal Parents)
Fury Things
Two Harbors (Susstones)
The Stress of Her Regard
Sing It Loud (Epitaph Records)
Colin Campbell and the Shackletons
The Rope
Metro Station (Columbia Records)
The Rapture Twins
I Was Totally Destroying It (Greyday Records)
Little Children (INGRID, Declared Goods)
The Silks
The Company We Keep (Easy Killer Records)
Moors and McCumber
Graveyard Club
The Minus 5
Mason Jennings (Bar None Records)
The Japhies
Calibrate Me
Farewell Fighter (Easy Killer Records)
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (New West Records)
Dave Davies (The Kinks)
Some Girls (Zoe Records)
Tim Easton (New West Records)
Benjamin Cartel
Kaiser Cartel
The Melismatics (Susstones)
Blue Sky Blackout (Susstones)
Kraig Johnson and the Program (Bittersweet Recordings)
John Strohm (Superphonic Records, Flat Earth Records)
Peter Holmstrom (Dandy Warhols / Capitol Records)
The Flavor Crystals (Mpls. LTD / Second Shimmy)
Porcupine (Riot House Records)
Brian Just Band
Alyson Stoner
Del Marquis (Scissor Sisters)
The Mood Swings (Susstones)
Astronaut Wife (Susstones)
Mercurial Rage (Susstones / /MPLS Ltd.)
Paul Q. Kolderie
First Communion After Party (MPLS Ltd.)
Limbeck (Doghouse Records)
Little Bombs
Kramer (Shimmy Disc / Second Shimmy)
Bob Ezrin
David Poe (Epic Records)
Juliana Hatfield (Zoe Records)
John Fields
Michael Bland
Clay Aiken (RCA Records)
Empire Garrison
The Wrenfields
Tripping Icarus
The System Lights
The Julie Puppets
StrangeLights (Susstones)
Faux Jean (Susstones)
Willie Wisely Trio
Greg Summerlin (Superphonic Records)
Courtney Jaye
Ellis (Rubberneck Records)
Colonial Vipers Attack!
So It Goes
The Hard Left
George Scott McKelvey and Billy Johnson
The B-Team
Otto’s Chemical Lounge
Matthew (Rykodisc)
Wheat (Aware Records)
Capricorn One
The Missing Numbers
The Ocean Blue
Michael Morris
Annette Summersett
The Blinds
Tim Casey and the Martyrs
Von Sauce
Charley Dush
Charlz Newman
The Mustn’ts
Cashbar Wedding
Grant Hart
Al Franken (US Senate)
Fran King + Duncan Maitland
David Hopkins
Pete Yorn (Columbia Records)
Rhett Miller (Verve Records)
Silent Agency
Artifact Shore
Ryan Traster
Scott Laurent Band
Birthday Suits
The Chord and Fawn
The Revamps
Jacques Wait
National Bird
Matthew Inkala
Ghost Towns of the West
Thea Ennen
Boys and Girls
Parlour Suite
Capital Sons
Ross William Perry
Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon
Oranger (Amazing Grease/Jackpine Social Club Records)
The Original Mark Edwards
Andrea Orlen
Nick Africano
James Moors
The Western Ridge
High Dive Films
Sundance Channel
Zeus Jones
Fallon Minneapolis
Electronic Naturals
Robert Skoro (Yep Roc Records)
The Alarmists (Instrument Control Records)
Vermont (Mark Mallman+Promise Ring/Guilt Ridden Pop Records)
The Hockey Night
Sideways (Susstones Records)
The Dig (Susstones Records)
Dave Pirner (Columbia Records)
Antenna (Mammoth Records)
Death in the Tall Grass
Hayley Taylor
Bari Koral
Vena Cava
Claire de Lune (Deep Elm Records)
Tim Mahoney
The Wallflowers (Interscope Records)
El Niño (Ignition Records UK)
The Meg
Crown Victoria
The Bathing Beauties
Jake Brennan (Yep Roc Records)
Balloon Guy (Generator / Warner Brothers)
The Hang Ups (Clean / Restless Records)
Bipolar Bear
The Liquidator
The Domo Sound
Nine Days (Epic Records)
Colfax Abbey (Prospective Records)
University of St. Thomas
SRO Productions
Star 98.7
Zone 105
Clear Channel Communications
Willful Neglect
Christian Erickson
Reba Fritz
Shatterproof (MCA Records)
The Carpetbaggers (Clean/Restless Records)
Landing Gear

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